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Alexa ‘group device unreachable’ – a common Amazon Echo issue solved!

Checking the weather, making a to-do list and setting an alarm by hand are all things of the past now that we have the invention of smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo.

The Amazon Echo was released in November 2014. Since then, the device has gone under multiple changes and advances. Today’s Echo is a home device almost guaranteed to make your life easier.

TheEcho’s audio quality is said to be crisper than the devices of its rival – the Google Home and plays out both Amazon Music and Spotify.

If you’re finding that your Alexa group attempts are resulting in a message that the device is unreachable then here’s everything you need to know…

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Alexa: Group device unreachable

The Amazon Echo’s multiroom music feature came out in 2018. This means that you can combine multiple Echos to stream music across all of them. However, some people are still experiencing issues connecting their devices.

If your Amazon Alexa app is saying ‘device unreachable’ here are some steps to follow…

Firstly, ensure that the device you’re wanting to connect to is compatible.

There is a list of devices compatible with the Echo available via

Unfortunately neither a phone nor tablet can be connected via Bluetooth to play music across all speakers. Only music content can be played with multiroom – Prime Videos and audiobooks won’t work.

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My Amazon Echo won’t connect to the internet

If you’re Amazon Echo disconnects from the internet regularly and Alexa’s playing up then it’s best to first unplug everything, wait a few minutes and then plug everything back in. This includes your router, modem and speaker.

Also, attempt plugging in your Alexa speaker closer to the wi-fi hub and remember to position it away from other devices which could interfere with its connectivity.

Lastly, you can give a network switch a go. Change from your regular internet connection to 5g  and this could help avoid interference.
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