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Apex Legends Error Code 30005: How To Fix Your Battle Royale

apex legends error code 30005

Is Apex Legends displaying the error code 30005 when you first try and launch the game? This issue will stop the game from loading, and prevent you from reaching your squad goals.

Do you have the easy anti-cheat software enabled on your device? This data will automatically run in the background when you play the game to prevent players from having an unfair advantage. If this is disabled, it can interfere with the game’s performance.

A removal of system files, or a quick reinstallation can help fix this problem from occurring.

We have created this straightforward guide to help you understand why the Apex Legends error code 3005 and provide you with solutions you can use to fix this problem, so you no longer have to deal with the createfile failed 32 issue.

What is the Apex Legends error code 30005

Apex Legends error code 30005
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The Apex Legends error code 30005 will appear on your screen when there is an error with the easy anti-cheat software. This data will run in the background on your device as soon as you launch the game. Anti-cheat files will automatically download onto your console when you first install Apex Legends.

This software is included in the game files and is used to stop gamers from having any form of unfair advantage when they play.

Because this software will always launch when you open the game, the Apex Legends easy anti-cheat error 30005 will prevent the game from loading and stop you from gaining access to your profile until the issue gets resolved.

What causes the Apex Legends error code 30005?

Apex Legends error code 30005

If the Apex Legends creation file has failed, you will experience the error code 30005. You will know if it has crashed because you may see the ‘CreatFile Failed with 32’ error on your screen. Once this occurs, the software will be unable to load properly and therefore not be able to run in the background of your game.

Other reasons that can cause your Apex Legends game to experience the error 30005 code include;

1. Anti-virus enabled

Do you have an anti-virus program enabled on your device? If so, it can cause conflict with the easy anti-cheat software.

The anti-virus will block the anti-cheat from being able to access the internet.

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2. Corrupt files

If any of the Apex Legends files on your gaming device is corrupt, it can trigger the error code 30005 to occur.

Corrupt files will interfere with your game’s performance and prevent the normal functioning of the game.

3. Damaged sys file

The sys file is found within the Apex Legends folder that can be found on your device.

It contains the launch data for the game to open successfully, so if this is damaged, Apex Legends will not work.

4. Disabled easy anti-cheat software

If the easy anti-cheat software is off, it will limit what you will be able to do, and conflict with the game’s data.

The software could be out of date which can also cause the Apex Legends error code 30005.

How to fix Apex Legends error code 30005

Apex Legends error code 30005
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If you have the game Valorant installed on your device, uninstall this to fix Apex Legends from experiencing a failed file. This game’s software is known to cause conflict between the two. Once you remove Valorant, restart your console and launch Apex Legends again to see if it will now load.

If you don’t have Valorant installed, you can try the following solutions to get rid of the error code 30005;

1. Disable anti-virus

Turn your anti-virus program off to ensure it does not block the easy anti-cheat from having access to the internet.

Once this is switched off, refresh Apex Legends and attempt to access your profile again.

2. Reinstall Apex Legends

If the Apex Legends games file is corrupt, you can uninstall and reinstall the game back onto your console.

This will get rid of any faulty files that will cause the game to not launch.

Before you reinstall the game, restart your device.

3. Delete the sys file

This step has been known to solve the error code on Apex Legends.

Step 1. Find the easy anti-cheat folder on your device

Step 2. Open it and right-click on the ‘easyanticheat.sys’ file

Step 3. Click ‘Delete’

Confirm you want to erase the file. Restart the game after this has been completed.

4. Repair game files

Before you uninstall and reinstall Apex Legends, you can attempt to repair the game files.

Step 1. Find the anti-cheat folder and launch the ‘easyanticheat.exe file’

Step 2. Click on Apex Legends

Step 3. Select ‘Repair’

Allow your PC or console to complete the repair on the files.

Why is Apex Legends not working?

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Apex Legends will not work if the server is down. This issue will occur if there are problems with the EA database, or the server has been shut down for maintenance works. Sometimes, there can be an unexpected outage that will cause Apex Legends to experience the createfile failed with 32 error.

Fortunately, you can check the service status of Apex Legends. This will allow you to determine whether or not the error code 30005 is due to an error on your side or not if your game displays the ‘server shutting down’ error.

A few other reasons why Apex Legends is not working include;

  • Your game is due to an update
  • There’s not enough memory space on your console
  • Apex Legends does not have adequate permissions
  • A firewall is enabled

How to fix Apex Legends not launching

You can fix Apex Legends from not launching or loading by completing the following steps;

  • Update your game to the latest EA version
  • Free up space on your device
  • Run Apex Legends as administrator
  • Disable your firewall

Tip, after you make a change, restart your device to refresh the changes and get rid of any problematic files.


Now that you know all the reasons behind why Apex Legends will display the error code 30005, we hope you were able to fix this issue with one of the five easy solutions provided.

If the problem persists, you may have a hardware problem with your device which will need to be diagnosed, or, your Apex Legends game has an underlying fault.

For more help on this matter, you can contact EA directly.

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If you know the answer, fill out our contact form.