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Around 19 million homes use Freeview TV. It’s easy-to-use, and a cheaper alternative to watching your favourite channels.

Now and again it’s completely normal for TV channels to change number, name or viewing hours.

However, many Freeview users have been left wondering where the Sony Crime channel has gone.

Without warning, it seems that the channel that provides us with 48 Hours, True Crime and Fatal Attraction is gone for good.

So, has the Sony crime channel disappeared on Freeview? And will it ever come back? Here’s everything you need to know about the Freeview issue and how to fix it…

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Why has the Sony Crime channel on Freeview disappeared?

In May 2019 the Sony Crime +1 channel changed its name to movies4men.

As well as changing name, the channel also changed number to 48 when it used to be 60.

The regular Song Crime channel changed number from channel 40 to channel 60.

This left many Freeview TV viewers puzzled as a complete name and number change is unexpected.

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Freeview: Who can get the Sony Crime Channel?

It was only in January 2019 that the Sony Crime channel moved to Local Freeview and this meant that the channel wouldn’t be available in as many areas of the UK.

There are some areas where certain channels aren’t available in the UK. If you’re unsure whether than channel is showing on your listings then go online and check the Freeview address checker.

A retune may be required for Freeview users throughout the year but you should receive notification from Freeview when this is required.
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What channels should I get on Freeview?

The fact that the TV service provides free-to-air channels is great but dependent on where you live and what TV you have, the channel availability can vary.

Some changes have been made on Freeview in 2019 with the Sony Crime taking the bandwidth previously used for TruTV UK, which according to, has been removed from Freeview channel 68, except in Manchester.

Everyone on Freeview should at least be able to get BBC One, Two and Three. ITV, ITV2, 3 and 4, Channel 4 and 5. E4, More4 and Film4 should also be readily available. However, if you’re ever missing channels be sure to carry out a retune. Some TV’s carry out automatic retunes themselves but if not you’ll have to complete one.

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