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Having TalkTalk internet problems today? Why is there a UK outage?

TalkTalk is a telecommunications brand which originally provided just landline telephone connections. However, today many of us have TalkTalk TV services as well as broadband contracts.

TalkTalk became a standalone company in 2010 and today it’s a well-recognised brand. According to TalkTalk, they “operate Britain’s biggest unbundled broadband network, covering 96% of the population“.

TalkTalk offers great value for money when it comes to broadband, however, anyone experiencing internet problems today may be wondering if they’ve made the right choice opting for the company.

Let’s take a look at the broadband issues TalkTalk customers are experiencing and what we can do to fix them.

TalkTalk internet problems today
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TalkTalk internet problems today

Many TalkTalk customers across the UK have experienced internet problems on the service in June 2020.

According to Down Detector, 74% of the most-reported problems on June 15th are internet-related, while 21% are email-related issues. The website also states the following regions as most-reported: Manchester, Glasgow, Croydon, Manchester, Nottingham, Liverpool, Bristol, London, Birmingham and New Cross. Most of the reports were filed in the afternoon with a huge spike in issues around 3 pm.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many services are limited when it comes to customer services. Understandably, may TalkTalk customers have needed to enquire as to why the service is down and have had some issue in doing so. A lot of customers have taken to Twitter to seek advice.

TalkTalk has Tweeted out their helpline times via the social media platform as follows: “…If you are also interested to know, we have a restricted opening hours of 8am-4:30pm due to Covid19 lock down. You can contact us over the phone, live chat, SMS or here in Twitter and Facebook. For more information, please send us a DM.

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What has TalkTalk said about the June outage?

As far as finding a cause for the issue, TalkTalk doesn’t look to have released a message regarding the outage yet.

There is a planned maintenance message pinned to the TalkTalk Twitter page.

However, the planned exchange maintenance is due to take place on June 16th from 12 am. They are routine updates which should finish by 3 am on June 16th.

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My TalkTalk router is not connecting to the internet

If you’re having issues with your TalkTalk router on or around June 16th, this may be due to the planned maintenance on the network.

However, oftentimes the TalkTalk service can go down even when there aren’t planned works.

Try turning off your TalkTalk router at the wall and unplug it. Wait around five minutes. Then, plug the router back in, turn it on and wait for it to reboot. Your Wi-Fi router should now work as normal, however, if there is still no internet connection or the lights on your hub are flashing, we’d advise contacting TalkTalk via their help services outlined above.

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