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How to Get ITV Hub on an Hisense Smart TV: Guide

Is ITV Hub Available on Hisense Smart TV

Hisense Smart TVs broached the market with the promise of affordable, high-quality television. With a built-in Android OS, you can download third-party apps with ease. The boosted color and contrast with good motion handling offer a great viewing experience. With the many options available, here’s how to get ITV hub on an Hisense Smart TV.

Online on-demand video services are gaining increasing popularity every day. With over 30 million registered users, ITV Hub reported 1.5 billion streams in 2021. The promise of a variety of available programming makes it a common streaming choice. It is available on various operating systems and platforms, including websites and TV.

ITV Hub is not available on Hisense Smart TVs by default. Although it does come preinstalled in some TVs, this is not the case here. You will have to manually install the ITV Hub app on your TV set. There are some troubleshooting techniques you can use in case you experience some error in installation.  

What is ITV Hub?

What is ITV Hub?

ITV Hub is accessible on any system through their main website. On-demand streaming makes it a popular choice as this form of entertainment is consumed more. Programs offered on the platform include locally produced shows as well as acquired rights. 

Shows on the site do not stay there for later streaming, such as they do on other platforms like Netflix. They can be available for up to 30 days following the first air date. Early users may remember it as ITV Catch Up. The rebranding to ITV Player and then to ITV Hub occurred to create a consistent brand for streaming audiences. 

Starting out as a website, the service quickly became available on multiple platforms, including phone and TV. ITV Hub itself is free to download and stream. A paid subscription also exists, for ITV Hub+, which eliminates advertisements from the service. The service is only available for download in the UK. Shows that have not already been downloaded in the UK might not be available if the same user were to try to access them from the EU. 

Is ITV Hub Available on Hisense Smart TV

Is ITV Hub Available on Hisense Smart TV

ITV Hub started out as a website, and the site is available on multiple platforms. It is accessible through any device with an active internet connection and browsing capabilities. Its intended use was over computers, but many TVs can now also access websites through browsers. 

The question is not how to get ITV Hub on an Hisense Smart TV, as it is available as an app for download. ITV Hub+ can also be activated on TVs, including Hisense Smart TVs. The service is also supported by Mac OS. 

How to Get ITV Hub on an Hisense Smart TV

How to get ITV hub on an Hisense Smart TV: The Complete Guide

Generally, the model of your Hisense TV would affect the process of accessing ITV Hub. However, Hisense Smart TVs are built on Android 9.0 OS, making the process relatively simple. Here is how you can add the ITV Hub app on an Hisense Smart TV.

On an android Hisense Smart TV, you can install the ITV Hub app. To do so, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the home screen and open Google Play Store
  • Go to the search bar and enter the name “ITV Hub,” and press enter 
  • Select the app as it shows up in the search results. Click on Install.
  • Once the app is installed, it may ask for some system information and access. Click Allow to proceed with the installation

Once this process is finished, you can use the app as you do on your phone. Sign in to your account or sign up and begin downloading or streaming shows. You can also sign up for the subscription service to get ITV Hub+. 

Why Can’t I Download ITV Hub on My TV?

Why Can't I Download ITV Hub on My TV?

Some problems can sometimes occur during download and installation. If you are unable to install ITV HUB despite repeated efforts, you might be facing some issue that needs to be resolved before you can complete the download. Some of the reasons you’re having trouble may be:

  • A poor or interrupted Wi-Fi connection can slow down downloads or repeatedly cause download failure if you keep losing the connection
  • Lack of available storage space prevents the download from being completed. 
  • System overload which is unable to handle the ongoing download 
  • Incompatible OS or out-of-date system that cannot assist the download. 

If the issue is occurring with your TV, you can try using other fixes to see if it helps the download. Fix the underlying issue before you attempt to download the app again.

How Do I Download Shows From ITV Hub?

How Do I Download Shows From ITV Hub?

Once you have downloaded the ITV Hub app on your TV, you can begin watching shows. You can only save the shows to your TV if you use the app for the download. If you download shows on the website on your TV, you will need to access them via a browser before you can view your downloads. ITV Hub+ is the only place you can download shows.

After a show is downloaded, it is available for offline viewing. Downloads can only occur after you are logged into your account. Select the show you want to download and simply select the download icon. All you need is an active internet connection, and the download will start immediately. How long the process takes depends on the quality of your connection and the size of the download.  


Hisense Smart TVs give viewers the option to access contents from various platforms and services. Among these are on-demand services that are quickly gaining popularity. Services like ITV Hub revolutionize the viewing and entertainment experience. You can now easily understand how to get ITV Hub on an Hisense Smart TV.

If you are facing errors with installation, try checking your connection. Also check if you have enough storage available for the download. If you continue facing a problem, get in touch with the Hisense support team to help you out.