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How to link Snapchat to Houseparty: Bitmoji, Facebook and more

Filters, lenses, snaps and stories are all things you’ll be familiar with if you’re a Snapchat user. The social media app is used globally all day, every day by millions.

As of 2019, Snapchat users reached 86 million in the US and 67 million in the UK – so it’s safe to say the app is pretty popular.

The Houseparty app launched in 2019, however, the ‘face-to-face’ social network has really surged in popularity in 2020 due to the worldwide Coronavirus lockdown.

Houseparty enables a maximum of eight users to enjoy a virtual house party – making staying in contact easier during a time where social distancing measures have been implemented.

Of course, almost all apps work in sync with each other nowadays, so let’s see how to link Snapchat to Houseparty.

How to link snapchat to houseparty
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Why can’t I hear anyone on Houseparty?

Firstly, if you’re having any issues getting things working on Houseparty, it’s important to get them cleared up before moving forward.

So, let’s take a look at how to fix Houseparty connection issues.

  • If you can’t hear anyone on Houseparty, ensure that you haven’t got your device muted. This may be on your device settings or within the Houseparty app.
  • If you’re using headphones while on Houseparty, make sure that they are correctly connected.
  • Your microphone may be switched to ‘off’ in your device settings. To check, head to privacy settings > microphone > switch to ‘on’.
  • Try logging out of the Houseparty app and logging back in again. This can fix a variety of connection issues.
  • Alternatively, you may be experiencing connectivity issues with Houseparty due to a weak Wi-Fi signal. To check this head to If your internet connection is slow, you can always boost it using a Wi-Fi booster such as this Eero Wi-Fi Range Booster.
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How to link Snapchat to Houseparty

Linking your Snapchat and Houseparty accounts is easy.

Head to the pink ‘smiley’ icon located top-left-hand-side of the screen > Settings > Edit profile > Connect Snapchat.

You can also connect to Facebook with Houseparty, upload a profile picture and create a Bitmoji icon for yourself.

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What if I want to disconnect Snapchat from Houseparty?

In the same way that Snapchat was linked to Houseparty, you’ll need to follow similar steps to disconnect.

To disconnect your Snapchat and Houseparty accounts, please complete the following steps.

Head to pink ‘smiley’ icon located top-left of the screen > Settings cog > Edit profile > Disconnect Snapchat.

How to connect Bitmoji to Houseparty

Rather than opt for a traditional profile picture, you can jazz things up on Houseparty with a Bitmoji avatar. To get started, please follow the below steps. Note: Please ensure that both the Bitmoji and Snapchat apps are up-to-date on your device.

Open Snapchat > Click your profile > Select Settings > ‘Bitmoji’ > ‘Create Bitmoji’ > ‘Agree & Connect’.

Unlink Facebook and Houseparty

If you’ve linked your Facebook account to the Houseparty app and want to reverse this, you can do so very quickly.

Please follow the steps below to unlink Facebook from Houseparty.

Head to the pink ‘smiley’ icon located top-left-hand-side of the screen > Settings > Permissions > ‘Uncheck’ connect Facebook > Disconnect.

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