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Lloyds app not working? Here is how to fix

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Are you unable to access your current accounts because your Lloyds banking app is not working?

Is your Lloyds app not working on your mobile device?

Are you trying to complete a transaction and you can’t get onto your mobile app because it won’t let you log in?

Having your accounts readily available to you has become a very important aspect in our day-to-day lives.

Relying heavily on our banking apps, it is not surprising this would be a problem one would want to sort out as quickly as possible.

We have created this guide just for you, so you can fix this error with your Lloyds app without delay, and get back to dealing with your bank accounts without any more hindrance.

Why is my Lloyds app not working

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If you have come to make use of your Lloyds mobile app and it is not loading properly, or you cannot log in, this may be due to the Lloyds server being down.

You can always keep up to date with the status by using this link for ‘downdetector’.

If this is the case, you would have to wait for Lloyds to fix the issue on their side, however, there is an alternative method to accessing your accounts online.

There may be nothing wrong with the current Lloyds server, in which case there are a few possible reasons as to why your Lloyds app is not working on your mobile;

Reason 1. Your phone is not supporting the app’s software

The software on your mobile needs to be compatible with the software of the app in order for both of them to work properly.

you may need to update your phone’s software if you haven’t done so in a while.

The minimum operating system is;

  • Android 5.0
  • iOS 12

Reason 2. Faulty internet connection

If you are not connected to a stable internet connection , this will interfere with the Lloyds app being able to access the server, resulting in the app having a lost connection.

If your internet is up and running, but it is lagging or being sporadic, this will cause the app to time-out.

Note, you need full internet connection to access the Lloyds app. if your network is restricted, this will interfere with the app being able to load successfully.

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How do I fix Lloyds app

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Fixing your Lloyds app is not as daunting as it may seem, so long as you complete the necessary troubleshooting processes;

Fix 1. Update your app

Just like your phone’s operating system needs to be compatible, if your app is outdated, this will interfere with the functioning of the mobile app.

A newer version would have eradicated any bugs and faulty behavior that has potentially transpired in older versions.

Go onto your app store, and find the Santander app. If there is an option to ‘Update’, click on this so it can install and override your current app downloaded.

Fix 2. Check your internet connection

With a faulty network being one of the main reasons why your Santander app is not working, making sure your mobile is connected to a stable network is vital.

If you are using Wifi, you can reboot your router by switching it off, and then on again after a few minutes.

You can turn your mobile data off on your phone, and restart your device.

Ensure your internet connection is not restricted.


Mobile banking has become the next best thing, and we rely on it to complete transactions and check our accounts right at our fingertips.

We hope this guide has assisted you in sorting out your Lloyds mobile app, as well as provide you with subsidiary knowledge to be able to work your app efficiently and without any more hassles.