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Is Your Sky Router Flashing Orange? Heres How To Fix

Image by Chris Ciapala from Pixabay

Whether you’re a new or existing customer of Sky, you expect everything to work as it should, including the router. When you notice your router flashing orange this can be concerning. If you are looking to find out what this means or how to fix it, we have some troubleshooting tips for you.

Sky router flashing Orange how do I fix this?

A Sky router that has an orange flashing light means that it’s having problems connecting to the internet or it’s trying to synchronise with the router. Although this should resolve itself, if you find that the Sky router is flashing orange after a few hours, we’d recommend trying some simple troubleshooting tips. Luckily, there’s a simple solution to help your Sky router find an internet connection and get back up and running. Here’s how you go about doing this-

  • Find the power button on the back of your Sky router.
  • Hold the power button for 10 seconds, then turn the router back on
  • Wait at least 60 seconds for the coloured lights to change
  • If the orange light seems to still appear, follow the next steps to reset your router.
  • Once a Sky router has found an Internet connection, the light should change from flashing orange to solid orange.
  • From here, the light will change further to a solid green once it has become fully connected to the internet.
  • Please allow time for this to happen, as your router may take a little while to process this action.

How to reset your Sky router

Sky router flashing orange
Image by Chris Ciapala from Pixabay

It’s very simple to perform a reset on a Sky router. However, if it is your first time doing it, here are some easy steps to help you resolve this.

  1. Locate the circular button on the back of the router and press it down. Hold this for at least 10 seconds, and then wait. The coloured lights should begin to flash and change to a solid colour.
  2. The lights should flash at least 4 times before the router comes back on.
  3. If the light doesn’t flash 4 times, the router won’t be reset properly.
  4. Once the reset has been successful all the information the Sky router had will be changed.
  5. This means that if you’ve changed your wifi’s name or any settings, everything will now be the default.
  6. The default wifi name and password will be written on the back of your Sky router

Sky Router WPS flashing

Image by USA-Reiseblogger from Pixabay

The WPS button looks like two arrows pointing in a circle, but if you notice a light on this, what does it mean?

If the WPS button on your Sky router, this means that your router may be experiencing difficulty getting onto the Internet. WPS means “Wireless Protected Setup” this makes it easier for devices to connect to a connection that’s secured.

The WPS can work just fine even when it does display a light, so it’s still normal to experience a light on the WPS button.

If you suspect there’s a problem, you can always check the settings of your router to find if WPS is enabled or not. If WPS is not enabled, then it’s likely there is an issue.

Sky router flashing Purple

A flashing purple light on a Sky router isn’t a known problem. The coloured lights you’ll find on a sky router are red, orange, green, and white. Each of these colours indicates a different problem with the Internet connection or the Sky router.

Solid Red light

If you see a solid red light on your router, this means there’s an issue with the power to your device. You’ll need to contact Sky to discuss options to potentially replace your router if needed.

Flashing Green light

A flashing Green light generally indicates that the router is trying to connect to the Internet. This type of light may appear when you are reconnecting the router or restarting the router.

What does my Orange flashing light mean?

Flashing orange indicates that the device is in recovery mode and struggling to get connected to the Internet.

To fix this, try resetting the router. If you notice the power light to your router is on, but the internet lights are Orange or not on, this means you are not connected to the Internet.

Try resetting the router or unplug the cable from the microfilter and plugging it back in.

No lights on Sky router

Lastly, if there are no lights on at all, this means there’s no power, this would also mean no internet connection to your router. Without this, you will be unable to undergo tasks on your computer.

Sky router password how to find it

If your Sky router is still on its default settings and you’ve changed nothing, the original password and wifi name can be found on the back of the router. With the addition of being able to change your Internet password and name, it’s easy to forget what you set it to.

  • If you’ve forgotten your Sky password after you have changed it, you can simply reset your router to get the default name and password back- here’s how:
  • You can reset your router by holding the power button down for 10 seconds,
  • After you’ve held it down, the coloured lights should to change back to a solid green.
  • If you need to log into Sky to change your password or user name please use the following address ‘’ on a web browser to figure out what your settings are set to.

How do I get a router replacement for my Sky box

To get a Sky router replacement, first, you’ll need to contact Sky. As long as your Sky router is still in warranty and there is a problem with the router you’ll be able to get a router replaced free of charge.

If you need a router replacement, other options include potentially upgrading your wifi and upgrading to a new router. You’ll need to contact Sky about this to discuss what options are available to you. Sky often release new routers with greater Internet capabilities.

Since you can use a third-party router to run Sky always keep in mind that if you use a third party router with Sky, they will not replace a router for you. Sky only hold responsibility for their own products that are still covered by warranty.

If you’re having issues with your Sky router, please get in touch today and we’d be happy to help.