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Why does Sky Q error code 50-9 keep showing? How to fix in six steps!

According to Broadband TV News, over 2.5 million UK residents had Sky Q in their homes in 2018. Today that number is sure to have risen and Sky even offers a Netflix package as part of their Sky Q deals, now.

Sky Q certainly has its perks and even boasts its own app. When connected to the same wifi network as your Sky Q box, the Sky Q iPad app functions exactly the same as your regular TV offering features such as the TV planner.

Everything is seamlessly linked together with programmes recording to the same box. Then via the app, you have direct access to all your programmes and you can even download them to the iPad.

However, even with the most advanced tech, things can go wrong and Sky Q is no exception. Here’s everything you need to know about the Sky Q error – code 50-9…

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What is ‘Sky Q error code 50-9’?

If you’re seeing ‘Sky Q error code 50-9’ on your screen then it could be due to a few reasons.

Firstly it could be to do with your satellite signal. If no satellite signal is being received due to weather then that’s something to consider or there could also be something blocking your dish.

Another aspect to consider is if there’s a network issue. This is potentially the most likely cause as Sky are yet to establish exactly what it is that causes the error code 50-9. And if it was directly to do with Sky they’d probably have more of a clue of what causes the error.

Another thing to look at is whether your devices are set to ‘sleep mode’ from a certain time. This can interfere with your Sky Q viewing and can easily be changed.

How to fix Sky Q error code 50-9

The Sky Q box acts as the main ‘hub’ and so it comes into play when dealing with error codes on other devices. Here’s what to do to combat Sky Q’s error code 50-9…

  1. Firstly, uninstall the Sky Q app from your device, whether that’s a phone or tablet.
  2. Next, you’ll need to ‘forget’ your home wifi network.
  3. Now, shut down and unplug the Sky Q box.
  4. Then power up the Sky Q box.
  5. Re-connect to the wifi – you may have to re-enter your details and relevant passwords.
  6. Lastly, re-install the app and everything should be working as normal!
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Why do errors occur on Sky Q?

A variety of factors can contribute to an error occurring on Sky Q.

Something as uncontrollable as the weather to simple settings on your device can make an error occur.

It’s best to always carry out the most basic checks on all your equipment to solve an error issue.

Always check all cables are correctly fixed, the satellite signal isn’t being blocked by anything and that your settings aren’t set to ‘sleep’ mode at night – if that’s when you like to watch things!
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