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Why the paid version of Avast antivirus is worth your money!

The free version of Avast antivirus is phenomenal but the paid version gives us even more value!

Avast does a great job providing a service people can use for free with its password manager and virus scans.

The paid versions offer that extra level of security, so it depends on how far you want to go to make sure your files are kept safe.

Avast offers two upgrades – the premium and the ultimate package – which we compare down below.

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What do you get for premium Avast antivirus?

A special feature that you can’t get with the free version is the ability to safely test and scan suspicious apps before allowing them access to your files.

Avast Premium can also recognise fake websites so that you aren’t giving your bank details to scammers.

Webcam spying is a thing of the past with Avast premium as it completely secures your hardware.

You can also block spam and phishing emails with an extra layer of security to limit the chance of you opening a dodgy attachment.

What do you get for ultimate Avast antivirus?

Along with all the above features, you get an advanced password manager which can tell you if any of your passwords have been leaked online.

A VPN that scatters your IP address to give you complete privacy on the web is also available to all Ultimate Avast customers.

Remove all the spam, free up space and speed up your computer with Avast ultimate today!
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What about Avast antivirus for businesses?

Avast antivirus is perfect for businesses of all sizes and they offer some of the most competitive packages on the market.

Not only does Avast offer an advanced firewall to keep viruses out, but it can also secure file sharing between colleagues.

An antispam filter allows you to worry less about anyone opening something that could impact your network or systems.

Even the cheapest business package comes with a rescue disk which backs up all data in the case an attack is successful, thankfully, this means you won’t lose anything – panic over!